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5000 mAh Dual USB Portable Solar Charger Battery Universal Rain-resistant Power Bank

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Solar charger can capture more sunlight outside, brings us endless power energy, which make us enjoy the greatest happiness during the travel.

Have a LED torch which is used for emergency or night use, you can press twice or press and hold to turn it on.

You need to charge the solar panel full before you start to charge your device.


 How to Use It:


  • Connect the solar charger\'s cable to the USB port of a computer, laptop or a USB AC adapter.
  • Then press the power button to open the solar panel and charge it, the power level will be indicated by the LED.
  • The green LED indicator which is keeping on when the solar charger is being charged under sunlight.
  • When you charge the solar charger via external power source, the Blue indicator will light up.
  • When all five Blue indicators is lighted, which means the solar panel is full charged, and you can link your device(keep your device open) to it for charging.
  • LED indicators will turn off after 20 seconds when the Solar Panel is full charged.