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DIY Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses With Head Mount Strap Belt For 5.0" Screen

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-Watch 3D movies and play games like never before.

-3D virtual reality glasses has been specially designed to clearly amplify the picture of your mobile phone and give you a wonderful 3D experience.

-Turn your smartphone into an amazing Virtual Reality Headset
-Made out of High Quality materials it comes with everything you need to assemble and be ready to go in under 5 minutes.
-Transform your device into a Big Screen Cinema, Play 3D Videos, Games and download from the many compatible Apps available!


What devices will it work with?

- Compatible with all phones with maximum 6" inches in Size.
- Devices must have a built in Gyroscope (Most new phones got it)
- Ideally your phone should have NFC (but will also work without)

Tested and FULLY works with:

- All iPhone modes (However the magnetic button is not supported)

- Google Nexus 4 and 5
- Motorola Moto X
- Motorola Moto G 4G (latest model)
- Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 and S6

- Samsung Galaxy Nexus

- Samsung Note 2
- Samsung Note 3
- Samsung Note 4
- LG G2 
- LG G3

3D Glasses will work with most IOS, Android & Microsoft smartphones (with up to 6" in size) that are running Android 4.1 or later and have a built in Gyroscope. (Most SmartPhones got Gyroscope these days)
Please note however that the magnetic button may not work on all devices!
Android users can also download and use the Cardboard Application free from the Play Store.

Here are some 3D Apps for Download 

- Dive city coaster
- Dive zombie
- The height
- Moorente
- Stereo tunnel
- 3DTube

You can find lots of apps and information about these cardboard VR headsets online.