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Luxury Shockproof Light LED Flashing Case For iPhone

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  • This case gets its name "Light Tube" because the edge of the case flashes when you receive an incoming call AT NIGHT. 
  • The outer rim of the case is made from PC (Poly Carbonate) with a metallic finish. 
  • The sides and the back of the shell is transparent that not only protects your phone from dust and scratching, but also presents the original beauty of your iPhone.


Please Note:

  • 1. The case CAN NOT light up, the light is come from the LED light and flashing of your iPhone and coloured rim!
  • 2. The colour effect of the shell is depended on the background, for example, if you put your iPhone in a red table,the case will present red light when you have an incoming call.
  • 3. The colour you choose is the bumper colour, NOT the light colour!
  • 4. You need to set a LED flashing reminding, and then the case will flicker when you has an incoming call (only in sleep state ).