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Nighttime Safety LED Dog Collars

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LED light glows and flashes in darkness.

Helps to keep you and your dog & other pets safe during walking.

Provide safety for your dogs and pets while it's out alone at night.

Easy to use: simply pushing the control button makes the light ON/FLASH/OFF.



XS = Width 1.5CM * Length (18~27) CM  (Note:Size XS is different from other sizes)

S = Width 2.5CM * Length (34 ~ 42) CM

M = Width 2.5CM * Length (37 ~ 49) CM

L = Width 2.5CM * Length (40 ~ 54) CM

XL = Width 2.5CM * Length (42 ~ 59) CM

How to use :

Do not use with a tie-out when securing your pet outdoors.

Owners are encouraged to regularly check the tightness of their pet's collar.

Bring close to the buckle avoids pressure on our pet's neck.

Ensure the metal parts are welded,which provides durability and stability.